Half Day Program

Our half-day program is for children ages between 3 to 6 years. Our school hours are from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We provide healthy morning snack. Lunch is not provided in school.

* Our school follows Lake Washington School District. In case the school district announces closure for natural calamities e.g. snow days, our school will also remain closed.

Our curriculum includes:

Language Skills: Alphabets recognition, phonics, site words, blending sounds. Kids are also introduced to reading, writing, simple to complex sentence development and better verbal communication.

Math Skills: Number counting, counting backward/forward, skipping, number patterns, series, sequence, addition, subtraction, multiplication and all other math concepts for beginners. We encourage kids to be a persistent problem solver and critical thinker.

Science: We encourage curiosity and learning through practical activities and simple experiments. Kids get exposure to nature and learn about bugs, butterflies, plants etc. We document their learning and nurture their natural sense of adventure and curiosity. We introduce kids to basic elements of scientific reasoning.

Colors: Kids learn about primary colors, secondary colors, color mixing and creating new colors.

Shapes and geometry: We teach different shapes, patterns and introduce kids to basic geometry.

Arts Craft and Cultural activities: We design activities based on the current theme of the class. Kids learn about the different seasons and seasonal celebrations. They also learn about the history of different countries and their cultures through stories and art work.

To learn more about us please contact to schedule a tour.

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